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Crosman 1377 American Classic Third variant self cocking pellet only w/brass bolt action 1999-2012 [ 177cal ]

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good points:

low cost



lots of aftermarket parts available

Bad points:

Bad sights

no scope rail

too many plastic parts

heavy trigger

very difficult to accuratly out of the box

The pistol as it comes out of the box has a very heavy trigger and the sights is bad. I could not get a better group than 1 inch at 10m. The trigger was way heavy. Nor would it accept a scope. You have to order the scope mounts for another $10, better still is to spend $30 on the steel breech.

The velocity was nowhere close to 600ft/s with 8.4 gr pellet at 10 pumps.

I had to do a trigger job and put the steel breech on to get it to shoot better and after the jobs was done, I was getting 1 holers.

The power can also be incresed by some work too.

If you are willing to do some work on the gun (took me less than 3hr), go for it, but I wouldn’t recommend it to an average person.

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