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Baikal IZH 46M 177cal

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This IZH 46M is a glutton for bulls eyes!!
The pistol is well made, good machining and finish all around.
The grips are a bit ‘clunky’, and large.
I have large hands so they fit pretty well, and 15 minutes with my Dremel, and then the grip was very comfortable.
The sights were way off when I first got the gun, but it sighted in well, and then it was hard to miss at 10 meters.
Lots of bulls, and plenty of those little metal squirrels bit the dust with this gun.
This pistol is STILL winning big matches, and for an entry-level match pistol, you can’t go wrong – very reasonable cost (in Canada, around $500.00) and simply spectacular accuracy.
It is well worth it – once you start shooting with this one, it will be hard to quit. :]
In my hands, as a novice shooter, the 46M shoots better for me, than my Tau 7.
I should also mention the trigger – verrrry sweet on this one!
…..got to get up pretty early in the morning to beat the 46M…… value, quality, performance, design… it’s got it all!

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