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Baikal IZH 46M [ 177cal ]

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From all of the reviews on this pistol I’ve read (forums, mostly), I became convinced that with 50-odd airguns already, I could really use just one more!

A really sweet shooter, mine came from the factory already sighted-in. You hear alot from shooters about how great the trigger is. After trying it for myself, I found that there wasn’t a liar among them…

Mine seems to really like the Crosman WC ammo and clocks at a consistent 460 fps with these (clocks about like my Tempest did), while chewing the center out of the bullseyes.

I like the fact that the breech opens-up enough to use a bore-snake (safer than the provided cleaning rod, which I’d advise you to throw away).

Grips will need work… I shot mine until my hands began to ache in places, and removed wood wherever the grips dug-in and chafed. Fits my hand perfectly now.

Solid and accurate. Good grasshopper gun with enough power to shoot flat out to moderate plinking ranges.

This purchase made at least half of my other air pistols obsolete! Accurate enough to truly challenge the shooter.

Comes with spare seals. Don’t try to fire without the loading block fully closed as the 2 breech seals will fly out, never to be seen again.

Spares can be bought for abt $10 pr. (breech seals). I would rather this gun had a manual safety, but it’s intended as a load-and-shoot match gun, so a safety has been omitted.

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