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Baikal IZH 46M [ 177cal ]

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Reviewer: David
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I owned this prior to my LP10 Steyr, which cost one thousand dollar less 4 years ago. This IZH is still priced right. I shot great with it and its ideal as a beginner and training Competition air pistol. I regret selling mine b/c it doesn’t require an air pump. The price is great and it shoots very nicely. The reason I sold it is that, for serious competition, the lever action and weight of the air pistol will lead to minor fatigue. Still, for plinking and competition practice, this is ideal and highly recommended. I plan to buy one just for plinking. My LP10 is sighted on the 4 ring as required, so changing it every time is inconvinent and time consuming. I’ll use this IZH for plinking at center.

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