Baikal IZH 46M 177cal

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Baikal IZH 46M 177cal

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The single-pump pneumatic power plant is quiet, does not require CO2 or a pump, take just a second to pump up, and has no recoil. The accuracy is incredible with JSB Exact Heavy pellets. These pellets fly out at a relatively low speed of 420fps, but they pack a punch even to 15 to 20 yards.
If you shoot at different distances, the JSB Exact Heavy pellets have a ballistic coefficient of 0.027. Use a ballistic calculator to figure out the elevations at different distances. Get a Ultradot Matchdot II dot sight, and you’ll be accurate at different distances!
Plan to spend some time to customize the grip. I spent two nights to Dremel mine. My 46M now fits better than any other airguns that I have!

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