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RWS Super H Point 177 [ 7.4 ]

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I have used both the .177 and the .22 cal in my springer rifles. However, they are not one of my favorite pellets for hunting, plinking and target pratice. The Super H Points are decent within 20 yards and offer fair grouping. I have not been able to group any better than 3/4 inch at 20 yards using a scope. Shooting these pellets beyond that distance exhibits much energy lose. I have targets set at 20, 35, 50, 85 and 100 yard and the longest length I have shoot these consistantly has been 50 yards. That is not to say I can not hit the target at 85, however, there is no accuracy and energy. I would say I could hit a “pie-plate” but that’s it, rather, with the right pellet (Premier Hollow Point .22cal) I can obtain 1 – 1.5 CTC at 85 yards; big difference. At 13+ dollars a can I would purchase the Premier Hollow Points and really enjoy your target practice and save some money at the same time.

Safe shooting.