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Predator Polymag 177

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Predator Polymag 177

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Reviewer: airgunsmith
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I did some testing on this pellet because I heard it did not penetrate as well as other.
What I have found is, this pellet is not for the low or medium power rifles,

The neighbor likes the Crosman Pointed said they penetrate better. I found they do penetrate better but
there is no real expansion on the Crosman, they get somewhat flat but that’s about it.

The Predator Polymag 177 penetrate through the skin as they should then the poly point drops off and
the hollow point expands to almost double in size.

I would like to add the reason the penetrating is not as good as the Crosman Pointed is because the hollows point slows the pellet
and the energy is spent in expansion.   

If your shooting pest like, black birds, rats, squirrel and even up to the size of rabbit there is no need for the Predator Polymag pellet.
I would say the  Predator Polymag is a true hunting pellet for medium to large game or pest.

The more power you have to push this pellet the better your penetration will be, I use the RWS 48 177, its a perfect match with the Predator Polymag.