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Peak 177 [ 8.6 ]

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Reviewer: Jeff Boudreau
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This review is for the dome shaped pellet. It is very consistant and uniform in shape and size. It forms a tight seal in the breach when seated. It works well with the Industry Brand B-3’s and B-4’s. Its taller shape and 8.6 gr weight, works well with the 14.5″-1′ rifling twist of the B-3/4 pellet rifles. Very tight groups out to 50 yards ( 1/2 inch ) but, after 100 yards they do keyhole. Faster pellet rifles, E.G., 1000fps, do not stablize this pellet well, however give them a try, they are better than CPH’s and match with a springer powerplant very well. I Have gotten a 1/4″ ragged hole group with this pellet @ 10 yrds. Have fun…