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Discovery 177cal [ hollowpoint-10.5 ]

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Reviewer: Dances With Badgers
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I opened up this tin of Discovery .177’s to “discover” 500 perfectly formed pellets with deep skirts and a very neet hollowpoint. They loaded well into a Stock Crosman 1377 and gave consistently tight groups. They come in a nice large opening screw top tin. Price was $7.99 at Sportco in Seattle, WA.

Phone book test:

3 pumps, 7.5 yrds, flattened the hollowpoint, 143 pages.

6 pumps, 7.5 yrds, flattened the hollowpoint, 396 pages.

9 pumps, 7.5 yrds, deformed into disclike shape, 639 pages.

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