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Bisley Long Range Gold-177 [ 7.6 ]

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ok guys, when ever I get a new tin of pellets, I always wash, dry, sort and lube them. when I say sort, I discard every pellet with a dent or slightly off-round skirt.

I have only purchased one tin of these and found the quality to be very very good with only 1 reject from a tin and that could have been me in the wash/dry cycle.

I usually use 16grn .22 pellets in my PCP and wanted to try these lighter weight 14grn ones. For a .22 they fly quite flat, almost like a .177

For indoor target shooting they are brilliant, but be prepared to have to re-zero your scope as thay will shoot high. Unfortunately the downside of a lighter pellet from a PCP is although higher velocity, the ft.lbs energy comes down eg 16grn = 11.4 in my gun, 14grn = low 10’s so in my opinion, for vermin shooting they haven’t the humane hitting power needed at a distance and are more affected by wind (so am I ha ha). Every type of air rifle can behave differently, so you’ll have to try them. I would imagine in a springer these are going to fly