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Beeman Silver Sting-22 [ 15.74 ]

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I’ve been going through several brands of pellets to see what my rifle likes best. I’m also seeing that some brands work better with my shooting technique than others, but that’s another story.

The rifle is a cheap little Chinese import, called the Hercules B4-2. An under-lever spring gun, that shoots around 550fps depending on the pellet. I’ve shot light weight wadcutters, pointed Crosman Premiers, and round headed versions. The Beeman Silver Sting is the winner, hands down.

When I tried the others at 10 meters, they grouped high over and over again. I adjusted the sights as best they could be done, and tried several different positions and holding techniques, but still no good groups. But it got very exciting when I used these Beemans. Every shot went exactly where I aimed. If I drifted right or left, or jerked the trigger, the pellet hit right where the front sight was aiming. Cool stuff!

I set up an empty plastic jug for more visibility and tried 7 or 8 three-shot groups. Two of the groups were one holers, using the Beeman Silver Sting .22 calibers, and I can vividly remember each shot. They were right on target, over and over.

If you test these on your gun, and modify your stance and hold to compensate for the speed & weight, you might find these are perfect for you too.