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Beeman Silver Arrow-177 [ 11.5 ]

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Every pellet rifle likes a certain type of ammo, should I say, performs better when a specific type of ammo is used.

After going through MANY MANY different types of pellets, the Beeman .177 silver arrow performs better than any other pellet in my rifle.

The trade off is stopping power before overall speed. This is a really heavy round for .177 rifles and does not work well in anything under 1000fps rating.

Great fit and finish, of the 500 in a tin, I have yet to find one that is deformed or squashed-very thick pellet skirts, too.

fit into the barrel “tightly” unlike many other pellets that “fall” into the barrel.

Precise, shot after shot action.

I am VERY impressed with the silver arrow.177, as it is the only ammo I use for hunting OR plinking. They are a bit on the pricey side, as are most things worth having!