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Beeman Silver Ace-177 [ 8.12 ]

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Reviewer: Vagrant
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A very SLIGHT modification/evolution of the old Mount Star Jet.

In general I feel “pellets are pellets” but this one IS special. It is often the most accurate in any gun at any velocity. Despite the slightly rounded mostly wadcutter design it often out-penetrates pointed pellets. It frequently “mushrooms” like a hollow point, giving you the best of both worlds.

The old Mount Stars were slightly flatter/less rounded but the very slight change to the Beeman branded ones offered no real improvement but didn’t really hurt any either.

I prefer the old Mount Star Jet but I have ONE box remaining, so this will be my first choice once those are gone.

I’m saving my old “Jets” mostly as “collectables” or for those rare cases when a tiny advantage is justified ;]