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Beeman Perfect Rounds-177 [ 8.02 ]

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Things I liked:Ease of loading, and fantastic on a windy day, These are great in my Daisy 617X, Gamo Recon, XS-B9-1, and XS-B4-2A.

Things I would have changed:Lube them with graphite, or copper-plate them like H&N does with their “RundKugeln’s”.

What others should know:If you like these, then you’ll absolutely love H&N “Rund-Kugeln’s”, also the GAMO “Precision Round’s” are of much better quality than these. I love useing .22 “Round-Ball’s” in my QB78-Deluxe, many a “Jack” has ended up on the dinner table w/ this lethal combo. You may also want to use a couple of drop’s of pellet-lube in the tin, You’ll notice the difference like night & day. Cheer’s, Andy.