Beeman Gold Coated [ 7.5-hollow-point-gold-coated ] Reviews

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Beeman Gold Coated [ 7.5-hollow-point-gold-coated ]

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These are about the Best pellet to have come out by Beeman, since everything Beeman make’s is just a cheaper copy of what’s in H&N’s pellet line-up. These “Model 1222’s” are slightly better than H&N’s Hollow Point, same weight, same QC, just the gold colour. A very accurate round, I wish they were available in .22, also you may want to try the Beeman “Blue” Point’s, they’re not bad, but hard to find. Cheer’s & Happy Huntin’, Andy.

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Beeman Gold Coated [ 7.5-hollow-point-gold-coated ]

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Reviewer: Spencer
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Full Customer Review on Beeman Gold Coated HP�s:

I received a pack of these controversial pellets from a new friend in the intent of testing them on paper, putty, plinking and pests�.

Target Shooting:

I got the pack, and excitedly went outside to see how they group. This pellet is one fantastic paper puncher. Right off the bat, they where throwing groups that where the best my 1377 could spit. I guess the gold coating keeps a pretty good medium, and covers up small blemishes that can make it fly a bit off target. I was getting groups under an inch easially from 15 and 20 yards, with nice well punched holes.

Target Rating: 8

General Plinking:

Since these pellets are accurate, they are automatically a good plinker. They MUST be the best plinking pellet I know of, since they are quick, and near instantaneous hits when I shoot at whatever, and it builds the excitement. Being a HP, whenever I shoot a paintball, it explodes wildly, creating a good �acid rain� on all the backing and ground around it. On my most used target, tin tops, the pellets make the loudest noise because of their HP nature, and great speed. But the best reason they are a plinking pellet, is that they don�t go through with 10 pumps at 15yards. This means that you can shoot the same tin a hundred times, and it will still be useable. With deep penetrating pellets, you have wasted a top in a matter of 5-10 rounds. I think this pellets strongest attribute is its plinking, and showing off to neighbors quality. When you pull out that gold pellet, they�re hooked.

Plinking Rating: 10

Putty Testing:

I tested really quickly their penetration and expansion. The HP�s had a quite unimpressive penetration, but a good expansion and wound channel. Expansion was very little at 20yds though�


The most important and all telling subject in the review to me is hunting. I was an edger beaver when it came to these on hunting. I went over to my Grandpas, but spotted a monstrous Grackle eating horse chips on the ground�hmmm�I told dad to stop the car, and as interesting as it was, I popped him in the chest. He jumped up, and flew off, and a few seconds later, fell off the branch, and was still alive. It took me 2 more follow up shots to do him justice. I did not like this at all. I ended up killing 2 grackles on the day, with an addition of a welcome cowbird (classified as the same as a Grackle here in Indiana) at an end total of 3. The problem was 4 fly-aways. All but 1 of the birds took 1 or more follow up shots, and I just don�t like that. The 4 that I hit and flew away all seemed fine, but I noticed a hit, and I know that the pellet lacked the penetration to get past the feathers and into an essential organ. That is, except the fat cowbird that was 10 feet away, and I inverted 5 feathers into and through its body, with all of the barbs hanging out the other side covered in intestine. I guess it did that one well�

Then the opossum. Remaining faithful to the pellet, I got within 5 yards of a big opossum, and it started toward me, it wasn�t friendly, you can see the whole story on an earlier post, I got a ridiculously close shot with 15 pumps, probably more like 3 yards at its ear, and I let it fly. It sort of collapsed, and I popped a 10 shotter into its eye on the other side. It rolled into a sewer drain that happened to be open (right next to grandpas house, but a good ways away from any road) and died. I shot him in the tail an hour later, and he didn�t move, he is still there, so he�s not playing opossum this time! So I�ve got to commend them on the fact that they can do their job in hunting, and they did take the biggest game that I would attempt with an air pistol. Overall, they are not the best at this job, and just got lucky that I was a good shot, and could put it in its eye and ear at such a hilariously close distance. These would be much better in a higher powered airgun, when the disadvantage of low penetration would be overcome with the good expansive properties. It would be a fantastic pellet for birds once you get into the 800s.

Hunting Rating: 5


This is a fun little pellet that should be used mainly for target shooting and fantastic plinking, and would be a good hunter in a higher powered airgun. But, unfortunately, they seem to lack in the lower powered air rifles as far as hunting, but we have proven that if you�ve got killer aim, and damn good camo, you can kill an opossum with them if you can follow up quick.

Overall Average Rating: 7 2/3