Beeman Crow Hollow Point .20 Cal [ 12.80 ] Reviews

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Beeman Crow Hollow Point .20 Cal [ 12.80 ]

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Reviewer: kodiak
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Things I liked: I love these pellets. I’ve used them on rats in both .177 (Gamo 440) and .20 (Beeman R1) and the knockdown power is exceptional. I can keep groups under 1/2 inch at 20 yards, and that’s plenty accurate for my needs. The massive hollow cup design brings a real wollop and really helps limit overpenetration. That means that much of the energy from my gun/pellet are imparted to the target rather than to whatever is backing up my target.

Things I would have changed: I suppose I could wish that they were as accurate as Field Target Specials at longer ranges (25-50 yds), but that would be quibbling indeed. I haven’t tried them in .22 or .25, but I’d have to assume that performance in those calibers is similar.

What others should know: I’ve never retrieved a pellet from a dead rat, but I’ve shot CMs into lemons for target practice and pulled out pellets that had completely ‘opened up’ — that is, the hollow cup in front had bloomed outward into a broad, flat head (like a wadcutter). That effectively turns it into a larger caliber, and does terrific damage to the target. Let’s just say it makes lemonade out of lemons, and refuse out of rats. If you want to hunt, control small rodents or just have fun shooting fruit, I can’t recommend this pellet enough.