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B>Air Arms Diabolo Field 4.51-177 [ 8.44 ]

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Product Review and Field Testing of CPH�s

As you all know, the CPH is a tried and true favorite that has won uncountable field target challenges, accuracy competitions, personal bragging rights, and the only one that I can speak for, �Catching the hearts of many a bird�. LOL So far, these have proven to be a great little (or big) pellet and I hope you enjoy the review.


Being arguably the most important figure in air rifle hunting, for a heavy weight, this pellet carries it out well� It is my second most accurate pellet, and that is even arguable, since at distances past 15 yards, it always groups the tightest. These pellets will do anything you need them to do as far as accuracy. Here is the first group I shot today: (black circle= smaller than a quarter, larger than a dime)

Rating: 9


Or the �Fun Factor�, these pellets get just an average score�I do not like them for plinking because they�re just a boring pellet to shoot. (Until you start hunting�that comes later). They punch straight through my pellet tins, meaning I waste them in 5 shots and they aren�t that exciting in that way. Here is a pic of one I shot yesterday:

They are accurate, so they are an acceptable plinking pellet automatically. But they�re weight slows them down enough so that hits are obviously a good bit after the shot, and that just isn�t that great since you want it to hit as soon as you pull the trigger. This is obviously a difficult subject to grade, and if I may say so my self, a bit ridiculous, but plinking is a part of airguns�

Plinking rating: 7

Putty Testing:

Now is where these pellets start to get going�They have a very good BC, and hold energy and penetration farther than any other 177 pellet I know of. Surprising to me, they ended up penetrating farther than Copperheads, which where �no brainer penetration kings�. Change the ruling. They consistently held a 3/8in. advantage over the copperheads.


FINALLY! I love this part� I was sick 3 days today, and did quite well even though I had only 3 days to watch the feeder. I ended up sacking a grackle, a sparrow, and a starling. The pellet owned all three without a problem. The funniest thing was when my dad told me there was a grackle at the feeder, I check out, and sure enough! He said, �You know Spencer, every time you say you�re going to shoot one of these, you always miss�. I missed twice. My only 2 misses with this pellet, he was watching. I sneak out, and center the ugly sights on his head (I am not doing any fly away on this one). I pull the trigger, slip, and the bird starts up. Luckily, the inevitable impact occurs right on the lower neck, and he drops out of the sky from a height of 2 inches. LOL Here is the pic of him�

The sparrow isn�t worth posting, and the Starling is an ugly one. I shot him out of the tree while going outside an hour ago to shoot a group to post a pic of. He landed in a dirty puddle, and as you can see, he is soaked.

As a hunting pellet, I say you can�t beat 100%, so it can get nothing lower than a 10.

Rating: 10


This is a great pellet that demands everyones attention. I know most of you could have told me this in their sleep, but I know some of you have not yet tried them, instead ripped away by the JSB craze. I hope you give them a shot for low powered airgun hunting, because they have the necessary credentials and then some�

Average Rating: 8 2/3

CPH: 8 2/3