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Crosman Premier Lites-177 [ 7.9 ]

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It’s true, many of today’s air rifles are fussy on pellets and sometimes it might take lots of testing to find a pellet that works well in your particular rifle. Not only that but you also have to hold and fire the gun properly too or you may never realize its hidden potential. Most brands of air guns are pushing for every last bit of velocity they can muster up because in today’s paper thin way at looking at air guns, “velocity sells” to the masses and most manufacturers like to show off high numbers in their advertising. Too much velocity can also kill or damage the gun quickly and can upset many of their performance figures and you can wind up hating many good pellets because of poorly made air weapons trying to shoot way outside their design capabilities. I had one of these fussy guns a few years back and out of sheers frustration I tried the Crosman Prem Lite domed @ 7.9gr and it blew me away totally, out-performing everything I had already tried. Here I was willing to pay through the nose for the best pellets and getting all upset that none of them seemed to work that well, and out of the blue this cheap little fella available everywhere back then, worked like a charm. I only ever use .177 cal pellets between approx 7.8 and 9gr, no matter what .177 cal rifle they are to be fired through because of other mechanical factors about spring air rifles that most people either overlook or just don’t know about. Anything outside these limits in my opinion, is either too light or too heavy for most 1000fps rated air rifles and can quickly do damage to internals, unless you “KNOW” the rifle can handle them. Many can’t. Any spring air rifle built for more than 1000 – 1100fps, and it’s time to move up to .22 cal. You don’t have to be a scientist to figure out why. Stay away from the sound barrier, which is approx 1120fps, as this physical barrier hates little chunks of lead trying to break through it and usually hits back, upsetting accuracy..

The Crosman Premier Lite 7.9gr domed is my surprise of surprises, cheap as chips and performs as well as many pellets and even better than some costing twice the price, not always, but each and every new .177 cal rifle I buy, always gets a dose of CP Lites and a some times there’s no need to look any further. It’s a great pellet and very cheap…

Mr Agent Man

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