Crosman Copperhead 22 wadcutter

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Crosman Copperhead 22 wadcutter

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Not all pellets are created equal

all pellets in this review are 22caliber Crosman Copperhead  Wadcutters 

The pellets on the left were supplied in a white box and red label, the quality was much better, the top of the pellet is flatter and work flawlessly in the Crosman 600, and have a good trajectory, I attribute this to the pellet configuration, on the white box red label the skirt is thicker then the crown, on the red box red label pellet the head is thicker and the skirt is thinner. one would think it would be the other way round, but the skirt in the white box red label is thick all the way up to the thin crown.

The pellets on the right were supplied in a red box with a red label, the quality is not as good as the pellets from a white box and jam in the Crosman 600 but not very often. I say if you can find them buy them

From the white box 14.4gn
From the red box 14.4gn
From the Black Label 14.6gn

From what I know of, Crosman Copperhead 22 caliber wadcutters were supplied in a 3rd box with White Box &  black label.
Its been a long time since I have shot the pellets from the White box black label. I will shoot some next week and post on them then.

OK the Crosman Copperhead white box with black label  the pellets are junk, yes real junk.
They will not chamber in the Crosman 600, but they seem to fit the same in the Crosman 150.
And I will say the 150c is one of my top rated guns,

OK, I do recommend the Crosman copperhead in the White box with the red label they get a 5 star rating.
The Crosman Copperhead in the red  box get a 4 star I like them but not as well as the pellets in the white box
The Crosman Copperhead in the white box with a black label are junk I don’t like them at all and if they were given to me I would turn them into fishing weights.



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