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Gamo CF-30

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I have a .22 caliber cf-30.

Out of the box the good thing is the underlever which makes it a potential competitor for other underlevers like a tx200, HK97 or a Bam 40. for accuraty.

I hear you think; you got nerves………. a Gamo.

The Bad thing about this gun is to my opinion not the trigger but the recoil which gives you some blue spots in the shoulder and makes it hard to hold and with a very loud twang that gives you pain in the head after a few shots.

My reference is if i can make my two daughers of 7 and my boy of 9 hold it and shoot hole in hole at 10 meters having it rest on a ladder, it must be a very good gun for it’s price. In 2006 this 170-200 euro.

And this is what happend after i learned them how to hold, look and when and how to pull the trigger.

If you open this gun up you understand what happens;

Everything concerning the spring has to much room.

When you fire this gun the spring jumps like crazy and makes the gun a projectile itself having so much power.

210 m/s.

This sounds crazy but this is what i did.

I cleaned the inside and put heavy outdoor tape on the rear and front springguide and turned / screwed them into the spring again very tight.

The front springguide is also wildly jumping in the piston. I did the outside of the frontspringguide also with the heavy duty tape and made it fit tight.

Now the spring is fully under control. The wild horse is taimed and will move in the right direction.

The next thing i did was the lubetune; black molycote on the spring and in the trigger.

I also loosened the trigger.

If you believe it or not this gun shoots very fast (sorry i have no crony but i must more then 210 m/s now) and has no recoil of any importance and the twang is gone.

Comparing with the more expensive brothers this is very good value for money now and lasts over 3000 shots now with the same tape.

12 cans of gamo match.

The scopestop is not a luxery but after fitting the mount very tight. It stayed on its place. 2,5×15 Webley Hurricane scope.

When time passes there will be new guns like the PCP’s.

If you want to sell your cf-30, you don’t loose a lot like the tx200 or HK97K owners you see now in the advertisements but certainly had as much fun shooting the cf30 as they did with teir much more expensive gun.