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FX Royale 400 22cal

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FX Royale 400 22cal

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Reviewer: Richard
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I think I got a good deal on this highly accurate light weight drive takes in the wall at 50 yard shooter.

Lets face it I never have owned a cheap gun for long, I got into the Crosman kick for awhile but that was short lived, Don’t get me wrong money is not falling out of my pocket rich snob I just set a budget stick to it and get what I want.
Ok this gun is on the money the selling point for me was the deal said I could take it apart and fix everything that may need to be fixed, I said prove it and Ill buy it.

We took it apart in about 10 minutes he said now put it back together I did and I bought it, I like a gun I can fix on my own, FX did a fine job in quality simplicity here.

Evan after I took it apart and put it back together is still worked and was smooth as silk.
I like the side lever, and the match grade trigger truly is match grade it is adjustable and simple to take apart and put back together, “working”.

The power adjuster work perfect, I was able to get 48 good shots from a single fill at the power setting I like. I was trying to buy a regulator from the guy but he said don’t waist your money the gun really is all you need , I agree.

I picked up 4 12 shot magazines and a single shot loader both are worth the extra cash.

I could write all the things I like about this gun and it would take all night too bad the walking dead is on I got to go….


Love this gun