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Feinwerkbau 603

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Reviewer: Karl Brohan
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I presently own several PCP’s and a FWB C62. All are very

nice pieces. I am, however, realigning my thinking on

airgunning. The idea of having a large amount of periperals

simply to shoot has been grating on me for some time.

When I heard that FWB was discontinuing the 603, I decided

to put my money where my mouth is and purchased one of

these fabulous single stroke pneumatics. I understand

why these rifles fell out of favor in 10m matches. It

simply takes more effort to cock and load when compared

to a PCP. The extra physical effort causes the shooter

to fatigue quicker thereby affecting the shooting stance. For me, I have had to face the harsh reality that

I will never be more than a “simply average” shooter.

Never-the-less, the 603 is a fantastically engineered piece

that will deliver eye watering accuracy if you have the

ability to use it! It is simple to cock. The trigger

mechanism is superb and the fit and finish a true work

of art. So my friends, if you are tired of that scuba

tank tether, you need one of these masterpieces!