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Evanix Max-ML Bullpup Air Rifle 357 Caliber

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Reviewer: Ricky
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This gun is defiantly not backyard friendly, 

To start I will give the negative,  No open sights!!
The only bullet I could find for the gun is the Benjamin Pursuit 170 grain, I don’t like this, and since this is my first big bore pellet,,,,,,,,,,,, Bullet gun
I found this to be a big disincentive to owning a big bore pellet gun. I don’t have a use for the big bore but every since I shot the  Benjamin Rogue I wanted a big bore but now regret owning one. $1300.00 is a whole lot of money.

Yup, that is the only negative I could find.

I spent the day shooting soup cans at 50 yards with a simple scope from my AR15 (NC Star 3-9x42RE) once the scope was set the gun is 100% on target. Its a great gun, and the reason I did not get the Benjamin Rogue is because the trigger was electronic, looking forward into the future and repairs that the gun will need the Evainx will be a simple repair and if no parts are available they can be made by any good machinist/Airgunsmith. which brings me to the Evanix Max-ML Bullpup 357 trigger, another 100% it is truly adjustable, very nice smooth and crisp drop.

The gun handles well and is light for the caliber. since this is a holiday I was not going to do a lot of testing, so for those of you that have shot
Benjamin Rogue, I like the  Evanix Max-ML Bullpup 357 much better, I have own the Evanix Max-ML Bullpup 357  and have shot the Benjamin Rogue more then I have shot the Evanix and the Evanix wins hands down.