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Daisy Powerline 177X

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I found this rifle on a hardware store shelf 5 years ago for 35 bucks. I had no idea how good a deal this was when I bought it.

This is the gun the 880 should be. Mostly wood and metal except for the pump handle, bolt, trigger guard. This is the .177 caliber version of the 95 dollar Powerline 22 SG.

This has been my go-to pest eliminator for years. Very accurate, quiet, and I love the 5 shot clips that allow for no-fumble reloads under duress…I can keep my eyes on the problem while reloading/pumping by feel only.

Not overly powerful, but I used it for years thinking it was 8 pumps max, not ten…oops. In any case, most of my red squirrel and chipmunk problem was dispatched at 6-7 pumps, usually under 20 yards. Shot placement critical at what I suspect was 500fps or so, and the accuracy allowed me to pick some of them off when they peeked around limbs at me.

This one is not pellet fussy like my spring guns, digest most anything with decent accuracy…actually have not felt the need to really try to find the “best” pellet for this gun. It is soooo easy to shoot (no recoil) and hit with. Nice crisp trigger, a bit heavy, but not creepy like the spring guns I’ll review later (Crosman G1, Remington Summit).