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Daisy Avanti Elite 753 Competition

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Just recieved a new 753 from Pyramid ayr. Shot it all day today and was able to shoot one hole groups of five shots at 10m using Avanti Diablo match pellets. Was not impressed with the wood stock, a very bland piece of birch. I gave it three coats of spar varnish and it looks a lot better. The trigger has very little creep, and a very crisp letoff, expecially for a spankin new rifle. I like the Dioptic sights. Had no trouble getting it zeroed.

The manual could use a breakdown diagram. I have an xtra part left over from my first cleaning, a small plastic spacer of some kind.

I think for the $ it is a very good rifle. Wish it had an adjustable trigger. The action is easy to use and very smooth. Loading the pellet is a little awkward at first but I got used to it.

The stock comes with spacers that extends the trigger pull. They work very well but dont look nice in my opinion.

Overall I am quite impressed, is much more accurate than my two other rifles, a Gamo Shadowmatic and a Winchester 1000x. I plan to experiment with other pellets tomorrow, but I doubt that I can beat my one hole groups. (mabe a 10 shot string?) The Avanti match pellets come in a plastic box and are very well packed so as to not rub on each other. 200 per box, 8.4 grain.

Cant wait for it to get broke in, will undoubtably get better with more use.