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Crosman Outdoorsman 2250XE

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Crosman Outdoorsman 2250XE

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I gave this gun 4 stars but only because it’s a cool gun.
There are many guns that can fill the spot of the Crosman Outdoorsman 2250XE for the price, (and it’s very pricey).
I don’t use the gun much I would hate to damage it, WHAT! a gun I don’t want to shoot.
There you go, If I could get my money back I would but this gun is like a new car once you buy and drive it off the lot you loose 1/3rd.
OK the gun shoots OK don’t feel very good doesn’t shoulder very well it would make a better pistol.
Get where I’m going with this,   sure it’s a nice gun but there are better for the price.  And for that reason I say stay away from the Crosman Outdoorsman 2250XE, money better spent elsewhere.