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Crosman MAR177

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Good balance shot count is surprisingly high; I shot 75 pellets before pumping the gun back up. I would have taken more shots but, I’m the one that will be pumping the pump.
The gun is accurate, 30 shots in a self made hole the size of a nickel, with a scope I know the gun can do much better. Crosman uses its seemingly standard rotary clip,
for the most part its fool proof as long as the right pellets are used. I used the Crosman wade cutters 7.4gr. The sights are basic for the AR solid tight and up to snuff,
the forearm is solid as a rock , weight is different but the feel is the same, it shoulders the same as the RR and the 2 stage trigger is the Rock River trigger.
This gun will be giving me the edge when it comes to spring shoot outs.
I should add you need to be careful and read your local regulations; the gun is considered a firearm in some places shooting inside town could be a crime.

The image above is the MAR mounted on a Yankee Hill Machine Lower, the MAR fits well with the Rock River Lower but on the Yankee Hill lower it takes a bit of force to get it to fit. I would advise to find the lower your going to use do the mods needed if any and stay with the set-up, I like the Rock River with the 223 Upper so the Yankee Hill lower is going to be the permanent mount for the MAR. Also while I’m thinking of it this MAR is a pre-production, some changes may have been made to the production run and the tight fit could have been adjusted. The best advice I can give is, if you are going to purchase the MAR have in mind to take it to the gun shop and have it fitted to the lower of your choice, this could save a frustrating and very expensive mistake.

My bottom line on the Crosman MAR, Very nice quality made and straight shooter.