Crosman 102 10 round repeater [ 22cal ] Reviews

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Crosman 102 10 round repeater [ 22cal ]

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Reviewer: Dave Rose
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The Crosman 102 is a .22 pump up rifle that has a 20 round in-line magazine on the left side of the barrel. It was last manufactured in 1949. My 102 has a peep sight and a brass barrel. Accuracy and power is as good as a modern Benjamin 392, 10 shots inside a 10 meter black bullseye. The rifle was designed for the layman, who with the proper tools can easily reseal the rifle. The shuttle that is worked by the bolt will only take wadcutters of a certain length, and some domed pellets. The opening to the magazine determines how long a pellet it will accept. Maximum pumps recommended are 8, but ten pumps don’t seem to harm this well made rifle. At 10 pumps it will send a Crosman .22 Premier out the barrel at 635fps. Hard to believe it is accurate too. One shortcoming of this gun is that the rear peep sight is easly moved if it brushes up against anything. This is a quality piece that belongs in any serious airgunner’s collection.