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Chinese Qb88 [ 22cal-420fps ]

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Shanghai QB88 (Industry Brand) Chinese

I acquired one of these from a neighbor who had not shot it in quite a few years.

Sidelever action. Bear trap saftey. False 2 stage trigger.

It seemed to shoot pretty well when I tried it out. I noticed this rifle has leather seals so I stripped it down, lubed the seal and chamber with some Slick 50 and lubed the spring with ND 30 WT Motor Oil. Cleaned the stock up and appeared like a nice little gun.

Had to shoot about 100 RDS until the smoke cleared. Turned out to be a nice little plinker.

My Chrony says 450 FPS but I am sure the oil needs to burn off some more.

Nice groupings at 10 YRDS using the hooded iron sights. Almost feels like shooting an SKS.

Not sure if I would shoot any further than that but a nice Fruit Rat Varmit Gun.

The Breech says Shanghai China .177 Cal but barrel is bored for .22 Cal…????? Not sure if it was made like that or previous owners changed barrel. Pretty interesting.

I e-mailed Shanghai Air Guns about this but never received an answer.

Looks like a low maintenance gun. Just add a drop of lube down the chamber after 100 shots. I believe some Chinese guns are hit and miss. Some come from the factory with disappointments while some are nice shooting air guns. This one is a keeper.

Since it is well made and simply functional and a good shooter I will rate this @ 5.