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Chinese Qb51 [ 22cal ]

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Reviewer: Paul
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I received a XISICO XS28 from Mike Melick. I�ll start out by saying he gave this one his OEM tune, including his added trigger screw mod and barrel recrowning.

Mike sent it double boxed and it arrived in 5 days in excellent condition. At first glance, with the rifle still in the box, I was somewhat worried. The rifle just didn�t look so sharp. However, once I got it out of the box and wiped down and detailed with some cleaning and oiling, I am thoroughly impressed. This is what folks like to call a cheap Chinese clone, and a Mike Melick tuned XS28 does its best to turn the term into a badge of pride.

The 28 is long, and heavy, and just feels like a nice solid air gun. The Chinese may not be using the finest wood, but they certainly seem to know how to find an attractive grain even if they usually bury it in stain. This one is finished very nicely, and a quick oiling and rubdown really made it impressive. The checkering appears to be cut rather than pressed, and I will be honest and say it�s not a fine precision job like an RWS. However, it is decent, and a little attention to detail later should really smooth things out nicely. Other than that, the lines are straight, no obvious filler, and the stock gives a comfortable grip.

I�m not a fan of the sights. I am stuck with em for a bit as I�ll talk about later. They work well, but those of us in need of glasses won�t get much use out of em. They work well though as far as my eyes will allow, and in truth, I managed some 50 yard shots on my 2�x2� spinners and connected. A spray paint can at 50 yrds was no problem at all.

Mikes tune probably saved me a lot of hassle. This gun literally came out of the box ready to shoot. Everything tight, screws treated with locktite, and a sweet trigger. Mikes trigger work is A+. Not having really modified any of my triggers beyond some minor reworking, I was unprepared for a truly good trigger. This thing can�t have more than a pound of pull, and it breaks precisely and consistently.

The firing cycle is fast and clean. There is plenty of recoil, but Mike took care of any spring noise quite well, and it shoots with a solid and authoritive thump. This one will take me awhile to master due to the recoil, but I am liking it a great deal regardless. I detected no dieseling or smoke to suggest it.

Mike noted 800+fps with 14.3 grains, and I am certain it is doing it.

All in all, I am more than happy with this Chinese clone and look forward to putting some good glass on it.

Awesome job Mike. Outstanding. Definitely one to go in the regular shooter rack.

MM Tuned XS28M, JSB Exact Jumbo Diablo 18.14 gr

1. 773.4

2. 755.8

3. 758.1

4. 772.1

5. 763.6

6. 755.9

7. 773.5

8. 753.5

9. 751.8

10. 772.9

High 773 Low 751

ES 21 Fps

Avg 763 FPS

23.4 FPE

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Chinese Qb51 [ 22cal ]

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Reviewer: TheBBA
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I Just picked one up at a small local gun show for $80.00

but he also threw in a decent metal pellet trap & a bunch of nice targets.

I agree with what the other guy said, but I’d like to emphasize just how light it is, hos VERY easy to cock it is,

it indeed has a very nice sight for the price, it’s very well balanced, & it looks very cool!

Also, I think if you sent it to Mike Melick who is the #1 Chinese spring gun tuner around, & have him beef it up, it will be even better!


It looks a LOT like the Gamo 68 but with a folding stock.


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Chinese Qb51 [ 22cal ]

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Reviewer: nolimits
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Break barrel folding stock .22 from Shanghai Airgun Factory

many different names;

New version of the Xsb3 break barrel ,folding stock,adjustable butt pad,adjustable sights 500 feet per second mv overall length 36″,overall length with stock folded 27.5″ barrel length14.7″,weight 2.8kg.

.22 AR14 Chinese air rifle, wooden stock, adjustable sights, scope rails. 550 fps length 1090mm, trigger force 10-35N, weight 2.9kg

Very good rear adjustable site to shoot very accurate at 10 yards /meters.

I use Gamo Match and they fit very well.

No recoil due to the good springcontrol.

The rear springguide moves over the front springguide which is part of the piston.

The power / velocity of 150 m/s is not enough to penetrate a mais tin can at 10 yards.

For destructiongoals a heavier spring is needed.

But shooting at papertargets is great fun.

The triggerpart is very cheap and basic, but that is no problem with some molycote. Which treatment the spring also had.

The plastic grip is no problem either and is held good in the hand. The cocking is easy and natrural.

Put the gun in your shoulder, aim shoot and you will be surpriced how accurate and silent it is. “Plock”

It takes me a lot more time with my other toys to get this result.

You see them for 65 dollar, 65 pounds and i paid 125 euro but still i think it is very good value for money.

And what counts is, that you hit what you aim at very easely. Easy cocking and that it feels good.

I wonder what it does with a heavier spring, a scope and a silencer. I will look great.