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Chinese Qb36 1 [ 177cal ]

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Reviewer: Russ S.
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The basics:

The TF97/QB36-1 is based loosely upon the B3/B4 underlever action however it features some welcomed improvements. Although the piston and chamber are basically the same as the B4, the spring is approx. 1 inch longer which provides more potential for power. The stock is of higher quality with an attractive if not perfect finish and all metalwork is blued nicely. The anti-bear trap and auto safety are nice features and seem to be simple and rugged. Both front and rear sights are removeable.

Power loss issues:

Many have experienced a loss of velocity shortly after buying this rifle however this can be corrected by installing the After Market Spring. Retro-fitting a synthetic seal can also help boost the power a bit.

Shooting experiences:

Although this is a fairly large and heavy gun compared to the B3/B4, it is quite comfortble to shoot. The stock fits my frame well and the rubber butt is very comfortable. Initial testing proved to be very frustrating with groups resmbling those of a shotgun. Once the gun settled down and I grew accustomed to it, the groups improved and now it will keep 5 pellets touching at 30yds. The recoil can be moderate initially but it will settle down over time.


with an aftermarket spring, a solid 4

With the stock spring, a 3