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Chinese B5-10 pump [ 177cal ]

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Reviewer: Jerry (Jay) Marsh
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This is my favorite pump gun in my air gun arsenal. The telescoping wire stock is very cool and makes this pellet gun handy for packing. The factory sights are small and hard to pick up (get a sight picture) but my air gun was very accurate out-of-the-box w/o any adjustments being necessary. I use mine for plinking and take it with me most the time I venture outdoors. This gun is very pellet sensitve, as you can jam pellets in the magazine if they are too long; and you have to partially break the gun down to get the pellets out. Beeman wadcutters from WalMart are great in this gun; I always use them w/o any jams. I would have given this air rifle a 5 if it wasn’t for the poor black painted finish on the receiver. Great pumper for plinking.