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Reviewer: Ted Dye
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I bought a XS-B12 delivered to my door for about $70.00. The wood stock does not look bad at all. The first thing I did was clean the barrel and tighten all the screws. I then put a 250 count tin of cheap daisy pellets through the air rifle. The gun cocked very hard to begin with. I had to slap the end of the barrel to cock it. I never had to do this with my RWS 34 or RWS 350. After about 100-150 times it seemed to be loosening up. Now, at over 350 shots it is much easier and does not have to be “slapped” to break open the barrel. The air rifle “dieseled” badly for the first 70-80 shots then settled down. And the trigger was horrible. It did improve after the first 250 shots. After the first 250 count tin of pellets I disassembled the rifle and cleaned the barrel again. I used blue lock-tite on all of the screws when i re-assembled it. I then started sighting it in with 7.9 grain Crosman premier pellets. The trigger did improve but it still has a “hitch” in it about halfway through the trigger pull. I have learned to pull the trigger to the “hitch’ then concentrate on the rest of the trigger pull. At this point everything about the XS-B12 is what I expected in a cheap Chinese air rifle, which wasn’t much! Then I started shooting 5 shot groups. Yes, the trigger sucks, but the groups were very, very good. I have a 8 year old RWS 34 which is well broken in and I hit whatever I aim at with boring regularity between 20-30 yards. This little XS-B12 air rifle outshot it. I was truly amazed at the targets. I’m going to try and fix the trigger…as accurate as this particular air rifle is I think it deserves some attention. This is in no way a top-of-the-line air rifle like a Beeman R-7 but it sure seems to want to shoot like one. If it was not so damn accurate i would have given the XS-B12 a rating of 2. If there was a separate catagory for accuracy I would have given it a “very high 4”!