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Chinese AR 1000 Magnum [ made-in-shanghai—-177cal ]

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Reviewer: Mr Agent Man
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Either .177 or the .22 model, I’m sure you’ll find this rifle a very, very powerful one. It’s quite the accurate rifle too. I chose the .177 model because I like this calibre at these velocities – up to 1000fps. It is also a very nicely made and put together rifle too. The price has to be right at about half to two thirds of many of the Spanish and Turkish eqivalents and you probably wont have to worry about strange things happening to it all of a sudden. The Tech Force range of air rifles is starting to prove itself as an extremely good lineup.

I originally awarded this rifle a score of 4/5.. I’d like to have given it 5/5 but let’s be fair, there are probably air rifles that deserve this score a little more than this one, but of course you have to pay much, much more for them, which kind of lessens the deal a little, making this rifle all the more worthy of 5/5 overall, so why not, as value for money it probably outdoes many of the more expensive rifles quite easily…

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Chinese AR 1000 Magnum [ made-in-shanghai—-177cal ]

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Reviewer: Robsalguz
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I bought mine in .177 (4,5 mm) a few months ago.

Very accurate out of the box. 900 + fps.

Terrific gun. I just cleaned it up from the dry grease it had all over it, added a little moly special lubricant in the spring without completely disassembly it and that�s it!

I tested it and the rifle diesel for a couple of days.

It recoils hard and the scope kept creeping even with the scope stop in place. I used a special glue to keep it in place and it stopped creeping. The scope stop is made of plastic and is not strong enough for this rifle.

The trigger is a two stage trigger and is adjustable. The trigger guard is plastic. The wood is very nice and is not the normal Chinese poor quality we are all used to; this one is nice with rich color and quality is like the one used in Chinese PCP guns.

The rifle�s overall size is big. I am a big guy and I find it quite uncomfortable to be used in the field but man, I forget that every time I fire it. This rifle is really accurate.

At 50 mts. has a lot of punch for rabbit and feather hunting. I have used it for feather hunting at distances of 50+ mts. with beautiful shots.

This rifle is also known as TF89 and it is the Chinese copy of the Norica �Marvic Gold�.

It is also known as the Beeman SS1000 and Hamerli Titan which are also Chinese.

I will get into it for further tune up but still have to figure out how to disassembly it because it is not a traditional air gun. It seems like the main spring is being held in place by the trigger assembly.

I am really happy with this rifle – out of the box -even without tuning it.

Good value for the money.

What I don�t like:

-Recoils a lot and it is grip sensitive.

-It is noisy just like a .22 rifle firing standard velocity (target) .22 LR rounds. My .22LR rifle makes less noise when firing .22 shorts than my AR1000.

-The safety moves from one position to the other easily (needs work to be done to fix/tune this).

-Trigger guard is plastic.

What I like:

-Accurate out of the box.

-Beautiful lines.

-Nice stock.

-Powerful for the price (less than US$100).

-Adjustable Trigger.

-Nice blueing.