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Career Infinity 22cal Made By ShinSung [ 25cal ]

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Reviewer: Jane Hansen
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This is a premium hunting rifle. Easy to operate side-lever with a very convenient 6-shot revolving cylinder. It will handle any shape or style pellet, and chambers each pellet into the breech upon cocking. Adjustable power with 12 detente settings. Well made hardwood stock, over all very good fit and finish.

The barrel is fully shrouded, so while not “quiet”, it does not require hearing protection, and can easily be shot indoors.

The gun is a powerhouse. A single charge will easily propel heavy, 28gr, pellets in the 1000FPS range for the first 12 shots by starting at the medium power setting and dialing up i click as you go.

Using lighter, 16-grain pellets, it will deliver 30 shots at about 950FPS, using the lowest power setting. You can squeeze another 6 out by nudging up the power wheel.

This gun is as accurate as any of the high-powered hunting rifles. No problem taking small game at the 40 and 50 yeard range.