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BSA Supersport [ 25cal ]

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Reviewer: rodent reaper
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I have owned a beeman 250 for 25 yrs. It has been my go to gun. I have a grey squirrel- possum problem here.

After research, I wanted .25 and then chose the bsa supersport. It came sighted in with a swift 3×9 scope.

I took it to the backyard where a squirrel was about

35 yards away in a tree. I drew on it center mass and

pow- it sounded like a college pledge being hit with

a paddle. The creature was thrown posteriorly and fell

30 ft limp.This was the first shot with a rifle sighted

by someone else.

All I can say is wow- my .177 rarely- if ever gave that

result with a body shot.

The gun feels balanced and gives a powerful jolt when

unleashed.Keep in mind this is the 20ft/ lb version.

I will do some extended testing and post results.