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BSA SuperSport [ 22cal ]

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Reviewer: Fred S.
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The first thing I noticed when laying my hands on the .22 BSA Supersport MKII is its compactness and light weight. It comes to the shoulder easily and almost at will. This is suprising for a for a springer of its power. It launches a Beeman Lasers at 735 fps & H & N match pellets at 705. Not bad for a 13 year old air gun! Accuracy out to about 33 yards is quite good for light sporter. If I do my part, one hole groups at 11 meters are not beyond its capability.

The single stage adjustable trigger, while not up to a Rekord, is predictable and easy to get accustom to. Firing characteristics of the Supersport are very pleasent. Although recoil is definitley felt, there is no harshness or spring twang. Cocking is smooth and relatively easy. The rear sight is very servicable, being easily adjusted for windage and elevation. The stock is attractive dark stained beech. All metal surfaces are smooth and will finished. The few parts that are plastic make me wonder why they bothered with any plastic at all. Just add $1.50 to the sale price.

I believe the designers of the Supersport did their homework. The weakest feature of the rifle is the trigger, but it is certainly better than many others. The Supersport is an excellent choice for its intended purpose.