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BSA Supersport [ 177cal ]

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Reviewer: Paul Z
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BSA Super Sport in 177 cal. This is a very attractive gun, deep hand rubbed finish on the stock � nicer wood then any Gamo or RWS that I�ve owned. Power is good and consistent. The only issue that I have is that I cannot keep a good scope zeroed on it. I�ve tried Burris, BSA and Powerline scopes � all seem to need continual re-zeroing. Good scope stops have to be used to keep the scope from creeping. When it is zeroed it is very accurate, I�ve taken several pigeons at 40+ yards with clean one shot kills. Best groups are obtained using RWS Superdome or RWS Hollow Point pellets. I like this gun very much � not to lightweight to seem cheap (I feel that Gamo suffers from this) and not as heavy as the side cocking heavy weights from RWS. Excellent over all craftsmanship, fit, and finish!