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BSA Stutzen [ 22 ]

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i always wanted a BSA Airsorter stutzen due to the beautiful styling of the full length stutzen stock with the rosewood schnabbel.

the rifle is basically an airsporter with a shortened barrel with the shortcomings of any airsporter produced after the MK2, ie, the loading tap!!, these are of very poor design and wear quiete considerably to produce a very low muzzle energy, a way to test yours is to cock the gun, load a pellet then sprinkle talcum powder around the loadin tap hole, point you rifle towards a safe backstop and fire…

if your tap/reciever is worn you will observe a ‘puff’ of talc being thrown into the air.

as yet there has been no easy fix produced and basically the rifle is scrap….

i have a problem with my rifle in that when i tried to strip it for a service, the barrel band has a captive nut that has let go, the fron sling attachment stud screws in to the captive nut but unfortunately the nut is spinning with the stud….

i will have to destroy the band by cutting it with my dremil and slitting disc then making a new one to replace it..

other than those points, the rifle is fine..