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BSA Standard No2

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I bought a 1936 BSA Standard (mod2) recently, at first i thought the rifle had been re-blued as these rifles due to age and handling turn the plum colour, this one was still very dark blue.

After owninmg it a couple of weeks i noticed that on top o0f the cylinder, the original etching was still there, very worn but definitley still there!!!!

Whoopee!! a 74 year old rifle that is still original and in better cosmetic condition than some of the more modern rifles that i own!!

The first few shots down my back garden were dieselling terribly but after around 20 slugs, the rifle was performing splendidly!!

The power was well up too, i shot it at a paving slab and almost every bit of the pellet skirt shattered all over the place!

The rifle still has it’s original two short mainsprings that are wound in opposite directions (to cancel spring twist) and is well lubricated giving that beautiful airgun smell of yesteryear!

The rearsight is missing the actual blade but the screw and base is still there so i think i will have to make a blade, also the front sight has been damaged, the top of the ‘barlycorn’ bit has been broken off.

Everything about this rifle oozes quality that was so proudly lavished on products that were made in Britain all those years ago.

Cheers, John..