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BSA Hornet [ 177 ]

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Reviewer: Mr Agent Man
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This is the single shot version, but that’s of no consequence. It has to be the nicest looking PCP rifle on the market. Even though it’s discontinued, it can still be bought new (2009). The finish, in terms of fit, looks and engineering, is 1st class and above question as everything looks like it was made to fit perfectly while looking great. Loading and shooting are a breeze,, simply push down on the bolt release, pull back the bolt, put your pellet in, push the bolt closed, push the cocking knob in ’til it clicks, then aim and fire. No recoil, plenty of usable power, and accuracy is beyond words. If you are a good shot then the Hornet will not let you down. All you have to do is point it and fire, and the pellets will go dead straight to the intended target, all of them, and single hole groups are not uncommon at ranges up to and possibly exceeding 40 yards. Some lighter pellets may tend to like breaking the sound barrier but it’s advisable to shoot heavier pellets in most PCP’s. The small silencer with this model works well but you can get better. The stock on the Hornet is superbly made and finished and bringing the rifle up shows it was well designed too, as it fits right in perfectly for scope use. I cannot speak highly enough of the Hornet in any respect. It has most of everything you’ll need to get you on the road to the PCP world. It is both pleasant to use and deadly at the same time, and that’s more than you can say for a lot of other air rifles, be they spring, CO2 or PCP powered…