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though this rifle is out of production now, this is a great shame as a smoother rifle i have yet to find.

i haven’t had a chance to run it through the chrono yet but i can tell that there is plenty of power yet even without a moderator fitted, it’s nice and quiet.

the magazine was adapted for the Super Ten and is trouble free in operation, one can see into the mag and tell whether there are any pellets left though the red dot will indicate the mag is empty.

to remove the mag, the underlever has to be cocked then the latch slid forwards now the mag can be slid out to be filled with pellets. when ten pellets are loaded, the mag should be replaced in the slot, the latch pulled back to lock it then the underlever closed back to the barrel. the gun is now loaded, cocked and the replaceable safety can be set if wished.

this gun has jumped the queue amont thirty rifles to become my new ‘fave’ rifle (just above my BSA Superstar!!).