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Beretta CX4 Storm [ 177-cal-30-shot-semi-automatic ]

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Reviewer: gill mckenna
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I bought my storm at a gun show and it seems to be very reliable . It looks great and never jambs . It does however lack in the accuracy department . At 25 feet I get 1.5 inch groups with an occasional 3 inch flyer . Its mainly because of the belt fed magazine . The pellets don’t always center on the barrel after every shot so the skirts on the pellets get damaged and this accounts for the lack luster accuracy . They almost got it right but not quite . Too bad . it’s a blast to shoot and it sends beer cans flying at 25 feet . I have 3 magazines and they all seem to give the same accuracy . I know it’s the magazine because I tried loading pellits by sending them up the barrel from the muzzel with a 177 cleaning ron while using an empty magazine . This group was 1/4 inch at 25 feet and as good as any of my RWS competition guns . So if it’s fun and fast action you want this is the gun . If it’s accuracy forget it . Gill