Benjamin 392T Air Source [ -22cal ] Reviews

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Benjamin 392T Air Source [ -22cal ]

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Reviewer: WThanel
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Good Points

Small compact, Shoulders and points well like an extension of your hand,

Easily tuneable trigger.

Scope mount built in,

Nice hard wood,

Most of all accurate,

No need to pump for followup shots.

Bad Points

Airsource is not readily available at local stores,

It likes high quality german pellets,

Quite loud.

General Comments

Out of the box the quality of the Benjamin Air Source AS392T is good, the trigger quite heavy. Some polishing anad tuning got a clean 3lb pull out of it. I have tested the rifle out to 30-35 yrd on a good rest it will keep all the shots under 2 inches at this range. Depending on the temp the point of impact might change a little. Mounted a 3×9 scope on it and it is almost consistently on on target less human error. It does not like domestic pellets like daisy, crossman etc. Very consitent accuracy with RWS meisterkulgen. The Co2 valve is also very consitent in deliveing charge on every shot over all a great shooting rifle best value $for $ strong enough to take out crows, rats squirrels at good distances. If you are quite good you can do multiple shots quiet easily. Over all it is a 5 out of 5.