Beeman RX-2 [ 20cal ] Reviews

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Beeman RX-2 [ 20cal ]

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Reviewer: donw
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i have the RX-1 in .20 and it’s a very, very accurate, hard hitting, gas piston, rifle. if i ever get another air rifle it may very well be another RX in .22

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Beeman RX-2 [ 20cal ]

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Reviewer: Al Piper
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I’ve owned 4 springers to date all in .177; RWS-45 that suffered a broken spring after several years, a FWB-300S that I had to sell to cover medical bills (I was almost sick

with having to part with this beautiful and super accurate

10meter match gun, but you can’t eat the darn things) a

Mendoza RM 377 that I still use with a Simmons 2-7×32 Wide

Angle scope. They all shoot fine, but the fit and finish of

the RX-2 make the other two magnums look down right crude &

rough! I liked the idea of being able to carry a magnum for

more than a few minutes with it cocked, without causeing a

weakening of the power plant. I mounted a Hawke Eclipse 30mm

6-24×50 Illuminated Mildot in a set of Sportsmatch ATP61 mounts. You can’t skimp on the glass or mounts for a $700+

gun, plus with the power that this type of power plant can

deliver it will probably distoy a cheap scope and or mounts

and then you left to spend more money for a quality item the

second time around. Yes, this rifle is heavy; it makes my

ole FWB-300S with the palm rest feel like a popcorn _art.

But that tranlates into a rifle that feels good in your hand

verses a toy string retained cork pop gun. Now if some of you are too young to know what I just compared it to…….

Yes I’m and ole fart, I’ll retire in just over a year and by

that time I will have had this gun to David Slade at Airgun

werks for a trigger tune, complete tune and the feral cat

population in my heighborhood will plummet like a stone. My

only criticism of this gun: Beeman is no longer the Beeman

of days gone by. You can’t get ahold of customer service and

I read somewhere they are fixing to be sold by their parent

company, which leaves use Beeman owners out in the cold. You

know like a republican, hehehe. I’d love to watch Sarah

Palin master this gun, she’d give up like she did her gover-

nor’s seat. I’m getting a nickle size group at 25 yards with

a seated field target hold, but I’ve only just begun to wring out this rifles potential. Now for a field target

harness and cushion. I’d also like to get a RWS-54 and have

it modified to .20 and tuned down a tad for field target

work and then I’d be set up plumb. Shoot often, shoot safely, shoot straight, and never give up your guns without

a fight

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Beeman RX-2 [ 20cal ]

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Reviewer: sam teifke
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to put it simply rx2 is too heavey & too costly… not enough rifle for the $$$$$