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Air Arms TX200HC

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Reviewer: John Berenyi
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I have owned the TX200 as well and really enjoy the hunter carbine version better. I like the fact that its about 8 oz lighter and the shorter barrel makes it easier to get around while hunting. My setup in walnut with a Bushnell Legend scope and Sportsmatch two piece rings is about 9lbs and 4 oz. I did notice that it is a little louder than my TX200 but that’s due to a lack of baffles internally which I have heard the TX200 has. Granted the barrel is shrouded and it has a barrel plenum but its still a little louder. I measured 110Db on my sound meter. Not sure what the TX200 was cause I sold it before checking. In any event, the TX200HC is a joy to shoot and loves JSB Exacts or CP’s. Mine is the .22 version and at 4400 feet above sea level I get 700fps. The walnut version is absoulutely stunning and your almost afraid to hunt with her due because of it. Accuracy is stunning and gets better with age as the seal breaks in. Dime sized groups at 25 yards are no problem.