Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC 177cal Reviews

Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC 177cal

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Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC 177cal

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Reviewer: Doug
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When you’re done with the rest step up to the big boy’s toys,
I bought this rife on name and caliber alone the 177 caliber because I like to shoot competition the rifle because Air Arm never made a bad rifle.

The stock is perfect the metal finish backs up the wood and gives the gun a quality sheen.
To start the side lever is quick and smartly located, if I was to complain it would be the safety, I have very big hands and fingers you know the type of hands that take xxxl gloves and still the gloves finger are still too short and a tight fit, if you hold the gun and see the safety you will understand, but since the gun only shoots on fire its not a big deal. the gun chambers the Air Arms Field Heavy smooth as silk.

The gun has a nice size stock it shoulders well balances out nice and rest square. All parts are quality nothing feels fragile. As far as a hunting rifle its good enough but only because we can get heavy 177 caliber pellets, if we were limited to pellets of 20 years ago 177 would be out of the questions but now days 177 fits most all needs from target to hunting.

The scope mounts solid and the gun shoots with precision taking rabbits for the pot is as simple as knocking holes in a can. With the experience I have had with this gun I would gladly go out today and buy the same gun over without hesitation.

This gun gets 100% and no doubt will be a favored heirloom..