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Air Arms S400 Carbine [ 22cal ]

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I own an S400C .22 with the walnut sporter stock fitted with the Air Arms moderator and a Hawke 3-9x 44mm AO mildot scope.

It’s not too heavy, the stock is comfortable and nice looking, and I like the ‘pointability’ of the carbine length. Being my first PCP I couldn’t believe how accurately I could shoot and how easy it was when I first shot it. The two stage trigger is brilliant, the pull is fairly light and it breaks very crisply. General quality of fit and finish of the gun is high. The male fill valve on the front of the cylinder is a neat design. So far I’ve found Air Arms Field pellets give the best results which are 16grain soft lead domes, much like JSB exacts. The only problem I’ve experienced was air gradually leaking out of the cylinder from where the integral pressure gauge is attached. I replaced the o-ring seal and that fixed the problem. Although the S400 is capable, if you are mainly shooting pests / small game I would recommend getting the S410 because it can deliver a second shot more quickly. Overall an excellent gun.