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Air Arms s310

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Good Points

An easy to operate, good looking and reliable weapon that is not too heavy in the field. Easily upgradeable for power if you posess an FAC, easy to maintain. The 310 is a multi-shot version of the S300 (this was single shot) and so has a magazine holding 10 pellets and is a bolt action rifle. The trigger is a fully adjustable true two stage affair and can be set to your own weight preference or left at standard setting. The only other thing you will need to finnish this rifle is a silencer which you can get from just about any source – both air gun shops and the internet. I could go on but there is just too much mention!

Bad Points

To be honest, I cannot readily think of a bad point about this rifle. [other than the fact I didn’t get my 310 earlier!!] ;o)

General Comments

The Air Arms S310 is a trustworthy piece of kit that you really shouldn’t be without! In addition to above points, it is a joy to fire and I have to say that it can, and does consistently put my pellets at the center of the crosshairs when on the target. As for power and range – I do not have a FAC so operate at 11.5 foot pounds. But even at this power, on my shoot I have repeatedly aimed for and got (every shot thus far has been a first shot kill – hence my nickname) head shots on maggies and crows as far out as 70 yards – obviously in the interests of accuracy and humane dispatch, this has been on mild days. Overall, if you were asking me what type of air rifle to go for, i would tell you that you would do well to go for this one. Also, I didn’t mention the fact that as well as buying various types of stock, you can make your own one to your own requirements – I have just finished making my stock which is a right handed, walnut thumbhole with a pistol grip which has improved my shooting technique, even though it was pretty spot on with the standard beech stock.

The reservoir on the rifle is recharged from a divers air tank to 190 Bar and I find this is good for about 90 – 100 shots. You can of course fill it by using a stirrup pump but this is a somewhat labour intensive course! As mentioned, the trigger can be set to suit you – I have lightened my pull weight by about half the standard setting and find this to be right for me.