Lastest Rifle Reviews
  • RWS Diana 34 177cal

    I bought a Diana 34 Premium a few years ago and was quite astounded and surprised with it although I shouldn’t have been, because all it did was give the results “near enough” to what they advertise, within reason of course, so why was I surprised? Because so many air rifles just don’t..!! The 34 […]

Latest Pistol Reviews
  • Crosman ssp 250

    Nice old Target Pistol, its on the heavy side, to compare it to today target pistols, the Crosman ssp250 is a dinosaur. The Crosman ssp 250 has a nice flip out pellet loader but fragile, it shoots straight. and is cheap on the Co2. I would not recommend it for anyone wanting to get into target shooting, As […]

Latest Pellet Reviews
  • Crosman Premier Lites-177 [ 7.9 ]

    It’s true, many of today’s air rifles are fussy on pellets and sometimes it might take lots of testing to find a pellet that works well in your particular rifle. Not only that but you also have to hold and fire the gun properly too or you may never realize its hidden potential. Most brands […]