Lastest Rifle Reviews
  • Beretta CX4 Storm [ 177-cal-30-shot-semi-automatic ]

    Very happy with the performance of this .177 pellet rifle. Added a Red Dot Sight to the top rail and with the right pellets it is very accurate at my range of 30 feet. Hits very hard and rips right thru those tin cans. With the 88 Gram Co2 Cylinder it gets lots of shots […]

Latest Pistol Reviews
  • Webley AlectoMade in Turkey for Webley by Zoraki [ 22cal ]

    Very well made and durable multi stroke (3 max) pneumatic air pistol that is both very powerful (can be adjusted for more or less fps) at 3 pumps and very accurate. Can shoot up to 500 fps with 14.3 CPHPs at 3 pumps and less at 1 or 2 pumps. Easy to pump at 1 […]

Latest Pellet Reviews
  • Crosman Premier Lites-177 [ 7.9 ]

    It’s true, many of today’s air rifles are fussy on pellets and sometimes it might take lots of testing to find a pellet that works well in your particular rifle. Not only that but you also have to hold and fire the gun properly too or you may never realize its hidden potential. Most brands […]